Burger stall cooking games. On food and cooking pdf. Cooking set.

Burger Stall Cooking Games

burger stall cooking games

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Burger of too much work!

Burger of too much work!

Although this burger was extremely tasty, the creme fraiche-mayo-scallion-jalapeno-cayene sauce... or the corn syrup, worchestershire sauce, brown sugar, coffee basting glaze... or the onion, jalapeno, parsley burger patty construction... Hmm... well, you get some idea by the amount of work it took me to type this.

Mr Chef Griddleman

Mr Chef Griddleman

Made some tasty Ostrich burgers which are aparently alot healthier for you than beef due to the low levels of fat. Tasted really good! Dense and beef like in colour and taste but had subtle undertones of game bird.mmm

burger stall cooking games

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